Why can acrylic sheet replace glass?

1. The light transmittance of acrylic sheet is better, the light transmittance reaches more than 92%, while the light transmittance of ordinary glass is 85%.

2. Acrylic has an excellent insulating effect, and it should be used in many electronic products, such as tablet computers, mobile phones, computers, stereos, and TV sets.

3. Acrylic is relatively strong in weather resistance. It will not turn yellow or shatter due to exposure to sunlight and freezing, making it easier for you to clean.

4. Acrylic is more environmentally friendly and can be used repeatedly.

5. Acrylic has a relatively high freedom of shaping, and can be freely processed into the type you want.

6. The resistance of acrylic sheet is more than 20 times higher than that of ordinary glass.


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