Why acrylic sign holders are more and more popular?

With the continuous improvement of machinery, equipment and processing technology, acrylic products are widely used in various industries. Acrylic sign holder is a relatively common type. It is made of acrylic sheet by flat UV printing, it is deeply loved by users. So why acrylic sign holders are more and more popular? We would like to make a summary of following points.

  1. Weather resistance

Acrylic sign holder has a high concentration of UV absorbers on the surface, so they can withstand long-term weather without fading. Good quality sign holder have a long service life. This feature is unmatched by metal characters or other processes. Based on this feature, manufacturer often used acrylic to make some more important sign holder that need to be preserved for a long time.

  • Strong light transmittance

The transparency of clear acrylic is very strong, which can be almost the same as glass. Good quality acrylic sign holder can take advantage of the strong light transmission of acrylic and install small energy-consuming lamps with low light intensity. Giving full play to its performance can also reduce power consumption, save energy and protect the environment. It can really kill two birds with one stone.

  • Good aesthetics

Acrylic is a polymer material with strong plasticity. It can be designed into different shapes of sign holders according to customer needs. With appropriate printing and coating processes, it can be turned into a good-looking sign holder. Acrylic sign holder with high evaluation can often give users a good visual enjoyment. Therefore, it is gradually being included in the purchase list of shopping malls, office buildings, airports and other places, making an important contribution to the decoration of these places and improving the overall grade of the place.

It is no wonder that acrylic sign holder can be seen everywhere today. It has so many advantages. With the continuous reform and innovation of equipment and technology, I believe it will be able to break through existing achievements, apply to more fields and continuously improvement of People’s life, contributing more to the development of the city.