What types of acrylic lampshades are there?

1. Depending on the box shape of the blister acrylic lampshade, the most common ones include: rectangular blister acrylic lampshade; square blister light box; round blister acrylic lampshade; elliptical blister acrylic lampshade; Curved surface blister acrylic lampshade;  special-shaped blister acrylic lampshade.

2. According to the shape of the acrylic panel of the plastic acrylic lampshade, it can generally be divided into: blister letter light box;  silk screen acrylic lampshade. 

3. Depending on the material of the acrylic lampshade, there are generally: light guide plate acrylic lampshade; crystal acrylic lampshade; rolling acrylic lampshade; aluminum profile acrylic lampshade; painting lamp acrylic lampshade.


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