What industries are acrylic products used in?

1. Advertising industry

 Most of the advertising signs, advertising lights and advertising sales racks that appear on the road are made of acrylic as the main material.

2. Medical industry

In recent years, the medical industry has also begun to popularize the application of acrylic products, and people can see all kinds of surgical medical instruments being taken out of the acrylic storage box.

3. Construction industry

Due to its excellent toughness and high UV resistance, acrylic is widely used in door and window profiles, canopies, panels, exterior wall designs, etc.

4. Automotive industry

In automobiles, acrylic sheets are used for car windows, interior panels, outer panels and fenders, etc. Colored acrylic sheets are also used for car indicator covers, interior lamp shades, etc. Acrylic is also used in marine (salt tolerant) and aerospace applications.

5. Electronic products

Due to its excellent optical clarity, high light transmission and scratch resistance, acrylic is widely used in LCD/LED TV screens, notebook computers, smartphone displays and electronic displays.

Due to the special properties of acrylic products such as good transparency, toughness and beauty, acrylic products will be used more widely in the future.


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