The application of acrylic material

Acrylic chemical name “PMMA” is a thermoplastic material that is good and easy to process. Acrylic is a new material that can manufacture sanitary ware after ceramics. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, it has high brightness. There are also some other advantages: good toughness, not easy to be damaged; strong repairability, easy clean, soft texture, there will not be cold and biting feeling in winter; the colors are bright, which can meet the individual pursuit of different people.

Using acrylic to make basins, bathtubs and toilets is not only beautiful and durable, but also environmentally friendly. Its radiation is almost the same as that of the human body’s own bones. Acrylic sanitary ware first appeared in the United States and has occupied more than 70% of the entire international market.

Acrylic sheet has high transparency, light transmittance of 92%, and has the reputation of “plastic crystal”. And it has good weather resistance, especially for outdoor applications, ranking first among other plastics, and has both good surface hardness and gloss, large processing plasticity, and can be made into various required shapes and products. In addition, there are many kinds of plates and rich colors (including translucent color plates), and another feature is that the thick plates can still maintain high transparency.

Based on the features and advantages of acrylic, people make many different acrylic products for widely industry. Such as acrylic sanitary ware, acrylic furniture,acrylic lamps, stationery, acrylic handicrafts,acrylic basketball racks, acrylic sign holders, acrylic picture frames, acrylic display stands, acrylic boxes, acrylic organizers etc.