The advantages of acrylic display stand

Acrylic display stands have unparalleled advantages: high-end acrylic display stands need careful selection of materials, acrylic has crystal transparency, and the light transmittance reaches 93%; strong plasticity, easy to process; good toughness, product specifications are diverse, and colors can be customized according to customers Request for customization. The following advantages of acrylic display stand.

1. Display well. The high-quality acrylic display stand is crystal clear and looks like a work of art. The personalized design makes the display stand and the product more harmonious and unified, and better highlights the characteristics and characteristics of the product. Comprehensive visibility helps to improve product grades, improve the overall brand image, and play a role in publicity; proper classification and display make it clear to consumers during the browsing process, which is convenient for purchase.

2. Strong and durable. Acrylic is light in weight and has strong impact resistance. Acrylic display stands have the advantages of convenient transportation, environmental protection, quick assembly, etc., and the later maintenance is simple and light, the use time is long, and it is not easy to fade and deform.

Precautions when using acrylic display stand

1. Its surface is easily scratched, so you need to pay attention when using the display stand. If accidentally scratched, we can restore the original luster by sanding.

2. The display rack will expand and contract with heat, so pay attention to the use space of the display rack during installation, and it is recommended to leave a certain gap.

3. Display stands are sensitive to temperature. Generally do not use a glass display stand with a degree of more than 90 degrees, otherwise it is easy to cause problems.

4. Acrylic display stands are easily deformed. When designing, the structure should be reasonable, and when pursuing beauty, weight-bearing movement should also be taken into account. If the product is heavier, the thickness of the monitor stand material should be thicker.