wedding acrylic stand

Product details:

Product name: Acrylic wedding stand

Material: Acrylic

Color: Clear, white, black, Custom

Shape: Round

Use for: acrylic wedding stand/ acrylic birthday stand

Product description


  1. Acrylic wedding stand installation: You can assemble this Acrylic Stand Riser in a short time. It is easy assembling and clean. Screw holes have been reserved on the support feet and cake stand. The accessories also contain enough screws to bring you a more convenient use experience.
  2. Acrylic dessert display stand application: When you are decorating Christmas, wedding and baby showers, birthday parties, tea parties or other events, our acrylic dessert display stand can be used to place a variety of foods, such as cakes, pizzas, candies and chocolates. It is enough to exquisitely display any combination of products.
  3. OEM service of acrylic wedding stand: You can put your logo on the stand directly, or make custom color package, and even make your personalized design of acrylic display stand. Please let us know if you are interested in.


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