Acrylic rose box

Product details:

Product name: Acrylic rose box

Material: Acrylic

Color: Clear, white, black, or custom color

Style: Custom acrylic box case

Use for: Rose display box case

Product description


  1. MATERIAL– The rose flower box is made of acrylic (plexiglass), sturdy, impact resistance and transparent.
  2. DECORATION– The box of the lid can holder water to grow real flowers and keep them fresh for a while. Also, you can put fake flowers in the box to decorate.
  3. REMOVABLE PANEL– Two panels and four pillars in the vase are not fixed in the box, so they are removable and you can take it out if you don’t want them.
  4. Accept Customized– Accept custom acrylic flower boxes of various shapes, colors and sizes.You can also custom your logo on the box and custom the package you want.


Acrylic rose box

Clear acrylic flower vase are in square, modern design pieces as decorative centerpieces for wedding, home decoration for living room and table. Durable and long-lasting acrylic vase is also an ideal gift for family and friends.We also have other shapes for the acrylic rose case,such as heart shape,rectangle and round shape.

Product size: Single hole, 9/16/25 holes size or custom size

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