acrylic risers for display

Product details:

Product name: Acrylic riser for display

Material: Acrylic

Color: Clear, white, black, OEM

Finish type: Polished

Use for: Figures displaying and home decor

Product description


  1. Figure acrylic display risers-Collections should be displayed and enjoyed rather than stuck in a box. The Acrylic Display Riser Stands work great for showcasing Funko Pop Figures.
  2. Dessert table decorations-Just wow your guests by using this acrylic clear riser stands to decorate your treats table for the events like birthday graduation or wedding party.
  3. Dynamic floating effect– The acrylic display riser stands was made of super clear acrylic, so you can enjoy a floating visual experience of the displayed items in the air as the risers are almost invisible.


Collectibles should be displayed and enjoyed rather than stuck in a box.

A good display riser is a warm perch for your collectibles. Put your favorite nicknack on a display stand, see it, feel it, enjoy it, your collectibles deserve to be shared and admired.