Acrylic mini display

Product details:

Product name: Acrylic mini display sign

Material: Acrylic

Color: Clear, white, black, OEM

Style: Clear acrylic blank display card

Use for: For office organizing

Product description


  1. Reliable and durable material: these practical acrylic cards are manufactured primarily from acrylic boards for durability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, transparent clarity, industrial laser cutting technology, accurate dimensions, smooth edges, and reusable
  2. Size details: the size of clear hexagon acrylic card can be done any size and any shape, any thickness according to customer’s requests.
  3. Create your own style: you can use any water pen or oil-based paint pen to write each guest’s name, and decorate acrylic business cards with calligraphy and patterns; It is easy to wipe off with alcohol or olive oil, and can be applied repeatedly, which can also be applied for laser cutting or drilling
  4. Easily Customized: you can use various colors of paint pens to customize on the clearacrylic cards, and easily erase with acetone, environmentally friendly, and reusable. You can also use an engraving pen for engraving or use stickers for decoration.


These personalized acrylic mini display seating cards are ideal for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special celebration. Customize with Calligraphy& Paint and you will have a elegant name cards. Super easy to paint on and even when you made a mistake you removed the paint with rubbing alcohol/olive oil very easily and you can keep reusing them.

Painting Acrylic Cards

First tear off the protective film on both sides of the card, and then use paint markers, spray paint, templates, resin paint, glass paint, etc. to DIY your own ideas.

DIY Creative Design

Brush acrylic paint on the back of the acrylic business card, and then write or draw on the front of it to DIY your own creativity.

Repeated Use

Acrylic cards are placed on plates, napkins, and tables for weddings, parties or any party activities. You can use soapy water or Windex to remove the DIY content for next use.