Acrylic 3 drawer organizer

Product details:

Product name: Acrylic 3 drawer organizer

Material: Acrylic

Color: Clear, white, black, or custom color

Style: Custom Baseball display box case

Use for: Baseball display and organizer

Product description


  1. CLEAR COSMETIC ORGANIZER– 3 drawer boxes to organize all your makeup and makeup into a dazzling personalized grooming counter – includes 3 fully removable drawers that slide out smoothly and the moulded handles are super easy to grip and pull out.
  2. High Quality Material– Make the best products with only the best raw materials on the market. Never shoddy
  3. TRANSPARENT WALLS– Made of sturdy plastic for durability and high quality. The clear plastic wall looks great with any decor and makes it easy to see what’s in the box.
  4. GET ORGANIZED– Keep your makeup or jewelry in one place, organized and easily accessible – less clutter, less prep time and more space! This clear makeup organizer complements any decor and is perfect for a vanity, countertop, desk, or anywhere you can place it.


The 3 drawer slim organizer is ideal for any room in your home. Organize your makeup, office supplies, jewelry, and more for easy access. With three easy-to-slide mini drawers, you don’t have to spend time digging to find what you’re looking for – you can easily look at what you need, grab it, and go! Transparent drawers and chrome knobs complement any room decor, allowing you to easily see what’s in the box.

Product size: 6.47 x 4.92 x 6.97 inches

Product weight: 1.34 pounds

OEM/ODM is warmly welcomed, we could do custom size, custom design, custom logo and custom package of all Acrylic products for you.Only the best raw materials on the market are used.Professional engineers can perfectly design the acrylic product you want. Let’s contact and have a talk!