Matters needing attention for acrylic display panels

1. The surface of the acrylic display board is easy to be scratched, so pay attention when using the acrylic display board. If you accidentally scratch, you can restore the original luster by polishing.

2. Acrylic display boards are also prone to generate static electricity and absorb dust around them, making the surface of the acrylic display boards not very clean, so we need to clean and maintain the acrylic display boards regularly.

3. The acrylic display board has the reaction of thermal expansion and contraction. When installing, pay attention to the use space of the acrylic display board and leave a certain gap.

4. The acrylic display is sensitive to temperature. Generally speaking, we should not use acrylic display panels above 90 degrees, otherwise it will easily lead to problems.

5. Acrylic panels are easily deformed. When designing, the structure should be reasonable. If the product is heavy, the thickness of the display stand material should be thicker.


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