How to Make an Acrylic Light Box

Acrylic light boxes are widely used. Acrylic light boxes are suitable for the production of billboards in various fields, such as the catering industry, entertainment industry, hotel industry, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. Acrylic light boxes are widely used because of their reasons and their own advantages. Simple and easy to manufacture, low cost, diversified production, LED lighting is used for the theme of advertising, the color is clear, easy to notice, and the effect is very good. Acrylic led box production is a common type of light box production. The following editor will share with you the manufacturing process and precautions.

1. Choose to pay attention to

Acrylic sheet materials on the market are imported or jointly produced sheets, and the quality is still very good. Because the utilization rate of acrylic sheets is not high, professional billboard manufacturers should be consulted to select materials when selecting materials.

2. Mold making

When making acrylic light boxes, there is a kind of light box that uses molds, and the size of the same word is different. The quality of the mold itself determines the quality of the light box. In the production of acrylic light boxes, mold processing skills are more and more difficult. Skill.

3. Post-production

Now the production of acrylic led light boxes is basically completed by machinery. Now the skill level has improved and the work efficiency has improved, however the post-manufacturing operations after forming the light box are also important, such as milling, grinding and laying the light source. The final paint can be finished. This process determines the details of the acrylic light box.

4. Screen processing

Screen processing is very important, according to the needs of customers, advertising content is transferred to acrylic sheets through various printing methods. Ad content can be varied, including fonts and images. It is formed by vacuum suction molding. The acrylic led sign used now is usually a blister light box. After this step, it can absorb the effect of forming the body, and can vividly convey the advertising content to the audience.

The manufacturing process and attention points of the acrylic light box are all these. The acrylic resistance light box is particularly strong, so acrylic is a popular material now, and it also adds a beautiful night scene to every city.