How to make acrylic crafts?

1. Posting method

After cutting the acrylic into a certain shape, it is posted on a flat surface.

2. Hot pressing method

After heating the acrylic sheet, it is hot pressed in a mold. The handicrafts made by this modeling method have the characteristics of plump body, flowing curves, strong three-dimensional sense, and have the effect of relief. The hot pressing mold can be shaped with wood and oil mud, and then use cast lead and gypsum material as the yin and yang mold, and the acrylic can be pressed after heating.

3. Mosaic method

The acrylic blocks of different colors are cut into the required geometric figures, and they are inlaid and spliced on the bottom plate. This method requires strict splicing, and the edges are clear to me, and it can receive the effect of strong color but seamless integration.

4. Vertical grinding method

After bonding rod-shaped acrylic or thick-plate acrylic, it is directly ground and polished on the grinding wheel. The handicrafts made by this method are similar to a certain kind of sculpture, and the colorful appearance forms constitute a unique artistic image.

5. Broken grinding method

The plate-shaped acrylic is overlapped and pasted together, and then the section is directly cut to form. The handicrafts made by this method can get the effect of changeable color and natural simplicity.

6. Hot simmering method

Process the acrylic to a certain shape, heat the acrylic, and then quickly nest and knead it by hand. These methods require that you have a good idea of the composition in advance, move quickly, and do it in one go. The handicrafts made by this method have the advantages of unrestrained lines and concise images.

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