How to identify high-quality acrylic sheets

1. The acrylic board with poor quality is very brittle, and it will fade quickly after being exposed to the sun and wind outdoors, losing its original luster.

2. It is difficult to separate the poor-quality acrylic material after it is baked soft, and the good-quality board can be separated even if it is pasted together. This is the so-called paste identification method.

3. Use fire to burn acrylic materials. Good acrylic sheets will not burn easily, but bad materials will burn quickly.

4. Good acrylic sheets have high light transmittance, are very white, and will not turn yellow or blue. Of course, the light must be white, and the light transmittance is also different.

5. Good-quality acrylic sheets have better soft-glue edge packaging, but the soft-glue of bad-quality acrylic sheets looks very mixed in color, which is the so-called joint venture sheet.

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