How to distinguish the quality of acrylic sheet

1. Discrimination of light transmittance: After a good acrylic sheet is irradiated with white light, the light emitted is very pure, without yellowing or blue, and the good sheet has a greater light transmittance. The pure new material acrylic sheet has a pure appearance, and the appearance of the recycled sheet is yellowish.

2. Thickness identification: An important feature of acrylic sheet is to measure it by thickness. When purchasing, you must ask about the thickness, which is a key factor. The surface hardness and scratch resistance of pure new acrylic sheet are excellent, and there is no irritating odor when cutting.

3. Fire identification: Good acrylic is not easy to burn, and will not produce unpleasant odor during processing. There are many fake materials on the market. You can try this with their waste materials. When the pure new acrylic sheet is thermoformed and heated, it is not easy to generate air bubbles and deformation, while the recycled material is easy to have air bubbles.

Good acrylic has the advantages of good processing performance, non-toxic, and harmless even if it is in contact with people for a long time.All good acrylic products (acrylic photo frames, acrylic blocks, acrylic sign holder,acrylic display stand,acrylic box) are inseparable from good raw materials.