How to distinguish acrylic new material and recycled material

1. The light transmittance of the new material is very good, which can reach more than 92%, but the light transmittance of the recycled material can only reach about 80% at most.

2. The anti-oxidation ability of the new material is very good, the anti-ultraviolet ability is good, and it will not fade. Recycled material is prone to yellowing, discoloration and cracking.

3. The hardness of the new material is much higher than that of the recycled material. The new material is easy to be machined, and it is not easy to crack. When the recycled material is machined, the cutting cross-section is uneven, and the drilling is easy to break.

4. The coloring degree of the new material is very good, it is easy to be dyed, and the coloring is uniform. However, the dyeing of recycled materials generally has chromatic aberration and uneven coloring.

5. The new material has good heat resistance and can be thermoformed. The heat resistance of the recycled material is very poor, and air bubbles are easily generated in the place where it is heated.

6. The new material is non-toxic and tasteless, and the recycled material has a strong pungent odor.