Factors affecting the service life of acrylic boxes

Acrylic boxes can also be called plexiglass boxes, which are boxes made of polymer materials. Acrylic boxes are not only beautiful in appearance, but also decorative. Often used on various shelves, mainly watches, jewelry and so on. No matter what the raw material box is, there are often many factors that affect its service life. These factors are detailed below:

1. Environmental factors

Acrylic boxes also have certain requirements for the use environment, and the sun and rain will also aggravate the reduction of their service life. When the temperature reaches 96 °C, the acrylic fiber will undergo thermal deformation, and when the temperature is lower than 9.2 °C, it is easy to become brittle. Therefore, acrylic products should not be placed in harsh environments, but should be placed in places with suitable temperature and environment.

2. Application method

If the products that exceed the weight are placed on the acrylic display stand, the acrylic display stand will be broken or damaged due to overloading. So improper application will seriously shorten the life. It greatly increases the loss of the acrylic box. When using it, it must be used correctly according to the prescribed method.

3. Manufacturing materials

Acrylic is divided into domestic and imported. Acrylic products processed from domestic acrylic will turn yellow and not deformed after 2 to 3 years of use, while imported acrylic can be used for 10 years after proper maintenance. Therefore, the quality of the material will also affect the service life of the acrylic product. The better the material, the longer the service life of the acrylic box.

So the factors that affect the service life of acrylic boxes are the above three points. When we make custom acrylics, we must strictly follow the acrylic processing procedures, because the acrylic manufacturing procedures and so on are also factors that will affect its service life.